Tired of production boats that all look the same? That's not the case with a Sabalo. From the enclosed transom to the the distinctive upswept shearline, there's no mistaking a Sabalo for something you  find on a dealer lot. In addition to being different from other boats on the market, Sabalos are different from one another. Our owners actively participate in the design process. by selecting their console, seating and other options, as well as choosing their hull color and style (two-tone or single color). Metalwork is also customized to suit each owner's taste, and is offered in either anodized or powdercoated finish. This unparalleled level of customization ensures that Sabalo boats don't look like other boats on the market and that no two Sabalos ever look alike.


Available Power
Lasting Value


One look at NADA confirms that a custom-built Sabalo has superior long-term value. Why? Two reasons: 1) exclusivity; and 2) quality. Unlike production boats, the number of Sabalos produced each year is limited. That means there are very few availiale in the used market. In addition to superior fit and finish, Sabalo boats are built with high grade resins, gelcoats, fiberglass and other composite materials. Sabalo boats are also rigged with marine grade tinned copper wiring, and with switches that have individual breakers. Finally, Sabalos are built with type 316 stainless steel for all deck hardware instead of inferior grade 304. Exclusivity combined with the quality materials and craftsmanship, yields lasting value.